Terms and conditions

TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA (Ex Italian Law, Art.10 Law 675/1996)

In accordance with Law 675/96, Astrology Sas – that is responsible for the handling and treatment of personal data in the person of its delegated representative – wishes to inform you that:

Astrology Sas uses information that regard your person for the sole purpose of activities that are related and/or connected to our institutional business. The supply of personal data for the mentioned purposes optional, but the eventual refusal to supply them in all or part has the consequence not to allow the company to be enabled to supply the related services.

Personal data will be hold by Astrology Sas in the form of paper or electronic archives (databases) that are used to elaborate data for the already indicated activities. In any case, your personal data will not be published.

Furthermore, Article 13 of the Law 675/96 confers to the individual the exercise specific rights. In particular, the individual can ask and obtain from the holder of his/her personal data the confirmation of the existence of this information or to obtain that his/her own personal data to be communicated in readable form. The individual has also the right ton know how his/her data have been collected and originated, as well as to know for which purpose they are going to be treated. The same person can ask for his/her data to be deleted off the record, or to be updated, amended, modified and even integrated (if incorrect or missing). The same data can ask to converted his/her data in an anonymous form as well to can ask to block the usage of the entire set of personal data, especially if the latter has been gathered in violation of the Law. If there are legitimate reasons, the person can object the treatment of his/her data.

Information about the treatment of personal data can be obtained by sending an email to the following adress: info@acetaiastrology.it.