If you want to give a distinguishable present for your wedding with style and elegance and offer a precious memory of this important day, we suggest elegant wedding keep-sakes of balsamic vinegear “Delicato”, “Primizia” and “Gran Riserva”, remarkable products which come from the production of balsamic vinegar. They are made only with cooked must of grape juice aged in valuable wooden barrels.

All the wedding keep-sakes are skilfully packed with gusto and refinement and you can choose the Colors and the decorations.

We suggest below some example of our creations. It is possible to choose the contents of the bottles among our “Delicato”, a young and gentle vinegar , our “Primizia” aged vinegar rich of Flavor that comes from the wood where it rests, and our “Gran Riserva” an aged vinegar.

These elegant bottles are perfect also for the creation of personalized presents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should require any further information or a custom quote!